Flight Case

For 2 x LP/LPL500
  • LP/LPL500: 2 units per case
  • Stable transport unit
  • Heavy duty castors 
  • Low transport weight

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Technical specifications

Outside dimensions

800 x 500 x 655 mm

Interior features
  • Wooden support cradles for 2 x LP/LPL500
  • Foam in the lid


Heavy-duty 9mm birch plywood with Black Hexagonal Pattern


4 swivel castors Ø100 (2 with brake)

Top lid
  • Hinged, 2 lid stays in dish on the back
  • Stackable, 4 recessed dishes in the cover


2 recessed butterfly latches

Flip handles


  • GIS logo engraving on 2 sides
  • Dish for A5 Tour Label

Customer's benefit

2 x LP/LPL500 can be stored optimally in the flight case. The outer dimensions are adapted to road transport.
The space-saving and efficient loading of the motors has a positive impact on the transport costs.

The recessed dishes in the cover ensure safe stacking of several flight cases.

The butterfly latches are very smooth, even when they have to be closed against resistance, and protect against accidental opening of the case.

Accessories & options

  • Flight case with customer logo