Glass processing industry

GIS vacuum handling systems are very well suited for the gentle transport of glass plates and panes. In the maximum version of the GIS vacuum lifter, glass can be lifted, tilted, rotated and transported horizontally from the central operating unit. For the exclusive vertical transport of glass, the simpler version with vacuum generation by compressed air combined with a GIS electric chain hoist is sufficient.


Light crane system in production hallTransport of window frames by means of a shelf storage operation unitVacuum lifter for curved glassTransport of a WC bowl with electric chain hoist handy telescope model Transporting a bathtub with electric chain hoist handy telescope model Transport of a glass pane with electric chain hoist model Chain Handy

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Local applications
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  • Production
  • Mobile applications
  • Forwarding

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In addition to standard solutions, we also offer special products that are often in demand for this market: