Plastics technology

The demands placed on our products in this segment are very extensive. Whether an overhead crane, a small crane system, or a crane with chain hoist and trolley, we can usually offer an economic solution from our product portfolio. The load hook of the chain hoist, the vacuum device for suctioning the load or a customer-specific load handling device related to the application is used to pick up the load.


Slewing pillar crane with electric chain hoist for transport of bobbinsTransport of reels with articulated slewing jib craneTransport of bobbins with slewing pillar craneDriving through curve with synchronous electric chain hoistGISKB Crane system with electric chain hoist and gripping mechanism in production facilityTransport of cable reels with travelling craneUnderslung travelling cranes with electric chain hoists  in production facility

Information and assistance

Related application markets
  • Metal industry
  • Glass industry
  • Foundries
  • Furnaces

Applications in
  • Machine loading
  • Big-bag transport / storage
  • Injection-moulding department

Products in use

In addition to standard solutions, we also offer special products that are often in demand for this market: