Wind- and waterpower

Mainly used for maintenance work on the generators our travelling cranes, bridge cranes and electric chain hoists used in hydroelectric power plants. Up to 150 m in height above ground the GIS electric chain hoists come up in the nacelle (gondola) for repair and maintenance work in wind turbines. The fitter appreciates especially that the fast rising speed of the electric chain hoist automatically reduces before reaching the gondola. He does not need to monitor continuously for up to 15 minutes the lifting operation and can concentrate in the meantime on other work.


Height-optimised overhead crane for turbine maintenance in power stationGIS electric chain hoist lifts load into wind turbine nacelle

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Related application markets
  • Machinery industry
  • Swimming pools
  • Agriculture and farming
  • Municipal tasks
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Energy supply

Local applications
  • Maintenance / servicing
  • Material transport for wind turbines
  • Mechanical workshop
  • Engine room
  • Outdoor use
  • Mobile use

Products in use

In addition to standard solutions, we also offer special products that are often in demand for this market: