Here you will find the latest news and interesting application reports on our electric chain hoists and crane systems
Electric chain hoist with frequency inverter for continuous operation and precise positioning of the load
24. Februar 2022

GP1600/GP2500 with frequency inverter

The GP1600 and GP2500 electric chain hoists are now available in ...

Synchronous electric chain hoists lift and transport boat
23. Juli 2021

Boat testing in the water basin with the aid of GIS chain hoists

During the winter months, boats prefer it dry. MMC GmbH offers pa ...

Free-standing auxiliary construction with crane tracks
5. Juli 2021

Successful crane project for equipping 12 production machines in Thailand

Our sales partner in Thailand recently successfully completed a l ...

The space-saving design makes optimum use of the room height
15. Juni 2021

Service and maintenance crane for the new Rägelerhof groundwater pumping station successfully in operation

The security of drinking water supply for the municipality of Oft ...

Crane system with electric chain hoist for the transport of metal beams
19. April 2021

GIS chain hoist with a GISKB crane as a helping "third hand"

A successful small crane concept is in use in the workshop of Vuk ...

GISKB crane system with intermediate structure on one side for optimum use of space
20. August 2020

Height-optimized GISKB crane system for transformer room

Centralschweizerische Kraftwerke AG (CKW) recently put the substa ...

1. Juli 2020

Increasing of the lifting capacity to 6300 kg

With the two models GP1600 and GP2500, Swiss manufacturer GIS is ...

Crane system with electric chain hoist and vacuum lifter
26. August 2019

In use at the Pilatus Aircraft Ltd: A crane system for the precise and easy handling of workpieces

A GIS aluminum crane with vacuum handling system was installed at ...

1. Januar 2019

Electric chain hoist GP1000 in single-phase version up to 2000 kg

The electric chain hoist GP1000 is now available in a single-phas ...

2. Juli 2018

GIS AG takes over one of their customers Lift Turn Move (LTM)

GIS AG has taken over one of its biggest customers, the enterpris ...

Wooden panel is transported from the lift truck to the vertical saw with a vacuum handling system
7. September 2017

GIS light crane system combines different vacuum handling systems

At Türenmeier in Biberist, wooden panels are cut to size from st ...

Single-phase chain hoist in truck for sewer cleaning
18. August 2016

Electric chain hoist GPM250 for the transport of working robots for sewer rehabilitation

In small sewer systems that are inaccessible to humans, KFS Kanal ...

Mobile crane is used in clean room for careful transport
18. Februar 2016

Mobile GIS slewing crane lifts space telescope CHEOPS

A special mobile slewing crane was developed for the University o ...

Thanks to the high-built electric chain hoist, the available room height is optimally used
11. November 2012

Versatile helper for wine making: Radio-controlled crane system handles all loads safely and gently

Top-quality wines are pressed following a centuries old family tr ...