Light crane system for the logistical connection of workstations

Monorail GISKB steel

up to 1600 kg
  • Crane system for the connection of several working stations
  • Suspension monrail rigid or pendulating
  • Moving the load manually or steplessly electrically
  • Combinable with track switches, bends, interlocking devices and turntables

Technical specifications

Standard version

Maximum load capacity

1600 kg

Profile sizes


Colour steel beams

Light grey RAL 7035


Straight section or with curves (30° and 45° bends available)

Travel movement

Manually or electrically (Electric tug frequency controlled)


Trolleys with quiet plastic rollers


Suspension rigid direct, pendulating short or distanced

Power supply

Trailing cable, C-rail or external conductor line

Customer's benefit

GISKB monorails enable floor-free material transport with an individual line layout. This crane system, consisting of straight sections and curves, allows different stations to be approached with pinpoint accuracy in a work sequence and thus connected with each other. In addition, turntables can be used for 90° changes of direction in confined spaces or slide switches for combining several lines.

There are 4 different profile sizes to choose from, which are used depending on the desired lifting capacity and suspension distance. The profiles are cut to size for the specific application, connected to each other with screws and suspended rigidly or pendulating according to the customer's requirements. This allows easy assembly in a new building or on an existing hall infrastructure without the need for welding work. Thanks to the modular design, the crane system can be quickly and easily adapted to changes in the workplace layout or the production process.

The trolleys used in GISKB overhead monorails are designed to ensure optimum smooth running. Thanks to the plastic rollers, the load can be brought to its destination manually with little effort. If electric movement of the goods is desired, the electric tug with frequency inverter ensures smooth start-up and swing-free positioning of the load. The use of a radio control provides additional flexibility.

In addition to its use for internal goods logistics, the GISKB overhead monorail also has the necessary TÜV approval to be used as a horizontal safety system according to DIN EN 795. A person is secured against falling by attaching their safety harness to the GISKB trolley with a safety rope, which then automatically travels with the user.

Accessories & options

  • Radio remote control
  • Travel limit switch for electrical moving
  • Profiles in customer-specific colours
  • Zinc-plated profiles
  • Branch terminal lines for suspended cranes
  • Monorails with track switches powered manually or electrically
  • Monorails with turntables powered manually or electrically
  • Special suspensions
  • Power supply via energy chain or internal conductor line
  • Roving pendant
  • Horizontal safety system according to DIN EN 795: 2012


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