crane system for connecting work stations in internal goods logistics


up to 6300 kg
  • Construction with standardised beam
  • With manual or motorised trolley
  • Crane track fixation to ceiling, pillars or steel beams, mounted directly or distanced (free standing system)
  • Overhang of hook possible
  • Control switch on trolley or control switch independent of trolley (roving pendent) or radio remote control
  • Power supply with conductor line, parallel running C-rail with trailing cable or cable carriage
  • Several chain hoists on a monorail possible (tandem operation)
  • Option: Monorail with bends or track switches
  • Option: Telescopic execution

Technical specifications

Standard version

Maximum load capacity

6300 kg


Use of commercial I- or H- standardised steel profiles

Colour steel beams

Grey primed RAL 7035

Travel movement

Manually or electrically (Fixed travelling speeds or frequency controlled)


Standard trolleys GHF/GMF


Control via control button top unit directly on the chain hoist, roving pendent or radio remote control

Power supply

Trailing cable, C-rail, conductor line or energy chain


To ceiling, pillars or steel beams, mounted directly or distanced

Customer's benefit

In many cases, the monorail is the most conventional solution for material transport from A to B. A prerequisite for this that the points can be connected with a line.
Variations in the lines are corrected by bends or track switches.
The commercial I or H steel profiles are low cost and designed for heavy lifting capacities. GIS manual or motorised trolleys are ideally suited as a complementary system and can be adapted to the flange width of the steel beam by adjustable bolts.

Accessories & options

  • Free standing System
  • Special paints or galvanised versionc
  • Monorails for outdoor use
  • Corrosion resistant (food compatible)
  • Telescopic VersionEnergy chain for energy and control cable
  • Crossings and branch terminal lines
  • Fast and fine transition shutdown
  • Bypass control
  • Monorail with bends (up to 90° angle, smallest bend radius 1.2 - 1.8 m)
  • Monorail with track switches (pneumatic operated)
  • Frequency control
  • Various versions for suitable hook dimension
  • Several chain hoists on a monorail (tandem Operation)
  • Transport and installation work
  • Acceptance and commissioning with training of personnel


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