Vacuum device for lifting and tranpsorting glass plates

Ejector device GHGE

up to 320 kg
  • Developed for handling glass panels and other airtight transported goods
  • Vacuum production with compressed air (no electrical cables necessary)
  • With holder for control switch/radio control
  • Complete solution including electric chain hoist, crane system or slewing crane
  • Sturdy and durable devices
  • Small and light device with low purchase costs
  • Suction surfaces, traverses and operating panels can be tailored to customer needs
  • Fully complies with the European Norm EN 13155 (warning system, two-handed operation, vacuum tank, non-return valve)

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Technical specifications

Standard version

Maximum load capacity

320 kg

Required operating pressure

6 - 10 bar

Main traverse

Length: 1200 mm, turnable

Suction plates

2 or 4 suction plates (ø 180, 270 or 320 mm)


Manometer, hand-slide valve for ejection of transport good, locking bolt for rotation lock and holder for radio control

Warning system

Visual warning system

Air supply

Spiral hose

Customer's benefit

Vacuum lifters of the type GHGE are used for airtight goods such as glass, metal and plastic.
These units are designed for glazing glass panels and thus are mainly sold to the glass industry.

The vacuum is generated by compressed air, whereby the equipment is much smaller and lighter.
As a result, the investment is much lower, however the operating costs are slightly higher.

Accessories & options

  • Special suction surfaces and traverses
  • Deactivation of single suction surfaces


A vacuum handling system for conveying windowsVacuum device for lifting and tranpsorting glass plates


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