3. Mai 2024

Lift Turn Move is renamed GIS

6 years after its acquisition by GIS AG, Lift Turn Move Ltd, the UK supplier of lifting and rigging equipment for industry and entertainment, will be renamed GIS Lift Turn Move Ltd. There will be minimal changes and customers can continue to expect the excellent service and high quality products they have become accustomed to from LTM.
With GIS Ltd. in England, GIS GmbH in Germany and GIS CORP in the USA, all subsidiaries now share the same corporate identity.

Press release from Bridger Howes Limited:

GIS Lift Turn Move Ltd. is the revised name of the Wirral, UK-based supplier of lifting and rigging equipment to the industrial and entertainment sectors.

GIS AG, the Swiss electric chain hoist and light crane manufacturer, purchased Lift Turn Move Ltd. in June 2018. The rebranded UK entity will continue to distribute the full range of GIS AG products in the UK market.

There will be minimum changes from an administrative standpoint; the revised name ensures continuity of the LTM legacy in the UK market. The directors remain same as do the outright owners. New email addresses and website will be part of wider rebranding to align the business more closely with GIS AG’s corporate image.

Robert Price, managing director of GIS Lift Turn Move Ltd, said: “LTM has an excellent reputation, built over nearly 20 years in the lifting equipment industry; we’re proud of this history and want to retain it.

“Our customers will see little change; they will get the same excellent level of service and products that they have been accustomed to in the past with all banking, tax, VAT and company registration details remaining the same, including membership of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association [LEEA].  However, the rebrand will capture the power and reputation of the GIS brand. GIS AG has wholly owned LTM for six years, so this is a logical step in the evolution of the business.”

GIS AG has its head office and production facility in Schötz, Switzerland, in addition to the daughter companies GIS GmbH in Germany and GIS Corp in the USA; the rebrand will align all subsidiaries with the same corporate image for our customers within the markets, many of whom are multi-national companies themselves.