24. Januar 2024

GPK1600 for loads up to 4000 kg

The GPK electric chain hoists are designed for particularly low rooms and confined spaces. The chain is deflected upwards by a special guide to maximise the lifting height. The GP1600 is now also available in this compact design (GPK1600), with a maximum load capacity of 2000 kg (single fall) or 4000 kg (double fall).

The GPK series chain hoists with their space-saving design are used where precision down to the millimetre is required, as these chain hoists have been specially designed for use in environments with low ceiling heights and confined spaces. The key lies in the chain guide, which is cleverly guided upwards in a frame to maximise the lifting height. Thanks to this ingenious design, heavy loads can be lifted safely and efficiently even in confined spaces.

GIS has now added another model to its GPK series. The GP1600 electric chain hoist is now also available in a compact version (GPK1600). This enables a maximum load capacity of 2000 kg in single fall operation and 4000 kg in double fall operation. Like all other chain hoists in the GPK series, the latest model can also be easily combined with manual and motorised trolleys and, in conjunction with a GIS crane system or a slewing crane, ensures optimum utilisation of confined spaces.


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