19. April 2021

GIS chain hoist with a GISKB crane as a helping "third hand"

A successful small crane concept is in use in the workshop of Vukadin Metallbau. The height-optimised GISKB crane system ensures maximum use of space and is an im-portant helper for internal logistics.
Crane system with electric chain hoist for the transport of metal beams

Especially for one-man operations or small companies, auxiliary equipment is elementary. Vukadin Metallbau in Emmenbrücke, for example, had its workshop equipped with a GISKB crane system. The height-optimised crane with integrated GP250 electric chain hoist offers maximum utilisation of the limited room height and is indispensable as a "third hand" and practical helper. Bulky and heavy loads can now be lifted and transported easily and comfortably. The gained flexibility can be an important factor in being successful as a small company.

Technical data / fact sheet

Special features
  • Double-bridge suspended crane GISKB with intermediate structure
  • Direct suspension from concrete ceiling, room height 3.3 m

Lifting capacity

400 kg

Crane track length

7 m

Span width

5 m

Crane bridge length

4.8 m

Available hook path

2.7 m

Crane and cross travelling


Electric chain hoist

GP250/2NF, lifting height 3 m, 400 kg, 4/1 m/min


Crane system with electric chain hoist for the transport of metal beamsGIS electric chain hoist and GISKB crane system with intermediate structure and double bridge for optimum use of spaceThe double-girder crane bridge with electric chain hoist can be effortlessly moved manually

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