1. Juli 2020

Increasing of the lifting capacity to 6300 kg

With the two models GP1600 and GP2500, Swiss manufacturer GIS is expanding the capacity of its successful GP series of electric chain hoists to 6300 kg. At the same time, the new GHF/GMF generation of manual and motorised trolleys is being launched. It stands out with a higher lifting capacity adapted to the GP series with optimised quiet running and extended service life. An steplessly variable flange width also facilitates on-site installation.

The crane manufacturer GIS is expanding the very successfully introduced GP hoist series with two additional models for the upper lifting capacity range. GIS electric chain hoists have been developed and manufactured in Switzerland for 55 years. The GP2500 is a first in the company's history, as it enables an increase in capacity from the current 5000 kg to a maximum of 6300 kg in 2-fall operation. This chain hoist proudly lifts 3200 kg in 1 fall. The GP1600 with a lifting capacity of 2500 kg (1 fall) or 4000 kg (2 falls) completes the GP pallet. It ranges from the 12 kg light GPM250 for 320 kg lifting capacity to the two powerhouses available from July.

As with the existing GP models, protection class IP65 is standard, guaranteeing dust-tightness and protection against water jets. With its compact, robust design, every GP chain hoist is suitable for both dusty environments and outdoor use. All shaft-hub connections are designed in a self-centring polygonal design. Disassembly and assembly during maintenance work is therefore faster and requires no special tools, which reduces service costs. The proven, low-wear DC spring-loaded brake, as well as a contactor control without sensitive electronics ensure optimum operational safety.

For applications with an exceptional duty cycle in addition to high switching frequency (multi-shift operation) a version with a frequency converter is available. Variable speeds and a soft start ensure precise, gentle positioning of the load. In an ATEX version (dust or gas protected) the GP1600 or GP2500 can be used in explosive environments.

The new generation GHF/GMF trolley

At the same time as expanding the GP series, the Swiss company is launching its new trolley generation consisting of manual (GHF model) and motorised trolley (GMF model). With a 26% higher capacity compared to the previous models, they now enable lifting capacities of up to 6300 kg.

The GHF/GMF trolleys are designed for maximum flexibility and durability. They are available in four sizes with the following lifting capacities: 1250 kg, 2500 kg, 5000 kg and 6300 kg. The helical gear and flat or convex rollers with a larger diameter, which can be tuned to the wing, ensure a longer service life with optimised quiet running. The flange width is steplessly variable thanks to a new type of adjustment system and can be fixed positively by means of a locking function. A standard integrated fall and climbing protection made of solid cast steel, as well as the intervention protection guarantee maximum safety. The new GIS trolleys are perfectly matched to the GP chain hoists and thus form a compact unit. Due to their good handling characteristics, they are often used as components for endcarriages of underslung overhead travelling cranes, optionally with frequency converters for movement of the load without overshooting.

Trolleys are available in a corrosion-resistant version for use in the food industry and outdoors or in an ATEX version (dust or gas protection). Optionally available carrier rollers ensure on the one hand smooth running in curves and on the other hand increased durability of the load wheels.

Both the electric chain hoists of the GP series and the GHF/GMF trolleys are “Made in Switzerland”, robust and designed for tough everyday use. This is guaranteed by an extended warranty of 3 years.


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