15. Juni 2021

Service and maintenance crane for the new Rägelerhof groundwater pumping station successfully in operation

The security of drinking water supply for the municipality of Oftringen was ensured with the new construction of the Rägelerhof groundwater pumping station. The GIS double-girder overhead crane proved to be a reliable and indispensable helper during the installation of the equipment and even ensured that construction costs could be saved thanks to its low construction height.
The space-saving design makes optimum use of the room height

The overall concept for the new hall of the Rägelerhof groundwater pumping station provided for a travelling crane with a load capacity of 2000 kg, which was intended for transporting the required equipment when setting up the pumping station. Although the indoor crane only had to cover an area of 36 m2, it was of great importance to optimally utilise the available space.

For this task, GIS designed a height-optimised solution with a double-girder underslung overhead travelling crane including an intermediate structure. The GP1000 electric chain hoist is mounted on a saddle between the two crane girders. This customised, space-saving design enabled the client to reduce the planned room height during the planning process, which ultimately had a positive influence on the costs of the overall project.

After completion of the construction work, the hall crane now serves as an annual service and maintenance aid and is available in case of unforeseen replacement of equipment, because the basic supply of drinking water must be ensured at all times.


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Crane system in use for annual service and maintenance work
Height-optimised design offers maximum lifting height
The space-saving design makes optimum use of the room height

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