24. Februar 2022

GP1600/GP2500 with frequency inverter

The GP1600 and GP2500 electric chain hoists are now available in a version with a frequency inverter. With the addition of the two heavy-duty models, the GPFU models can cover a load range of up to 6300 kg. Frequency-controlled chain hoists are the ideal solution for applications with heavy use or if precise positioning of the goods is required.
Electric chain hoist with frequency inverter for continuous operation and precise positioning of the load

GIS has expanded its GPFU model range with two additional models for the upper load range. The GP1600 and GP2500 electric chain hoists are now available in a version with an integrated frequency inverter. This enables load capacities of up to 6300 kg to be achieved. Unlike the existing GP250/500/1000 FU models, the frequency inverter control is not located in the hoist's housing, but in an external control box.

The frequency-controlled electric chain hoists from GIS have proven themselves successfully in a wide range of applications. They are often used in tough everyday conditions with long operating times and high switching frequencies, as is the case with multi-shift operation. Another advantage of the frequency inverter is that the 2 lifting speeds are infinitely programmable and can be optimally adjusted to the transported material and the application. This ensures gentle and precise positioning of the load.

Like all electric chain hoists in the GP series, the GPFU models can be easily combined with a manual or motorised trolley. On request, this is also available with a frequency converter control, which ensures precise material transport without oscillation.


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