11. November 2012

Versatile helper for wine making: Radio-controlled crane system handles all loads safely and gently

Top-quality wines are pressed following a centuries old family tradition – now in the 17th generation – in a renovated wine press building. The GIS crane system is optimally integrated into the building, allowing a gentle, gravity-base production process. It is also used all year round as a reliable helper for shipping the valuable goods.
Thanks to the high-built electric chain hoist, the available room height is optimally used

On 6 December 1462 – 550 years ago – a document from the Zurzach parish first mentioned the Meier family as tenant of the Widumhof estate in Würenlingen. Important milestones in the further history of what is today the ‘Weingut zum Sternen’ wine-growing estate were the purchase of the vineyard behind the Sion monastery in Klingnau in 1894 and the foundation of the vine nursery in 1921. Around twelve percent of all Swiss vines are cultivated here. The other half of the business activity focuses on the production of top-quality wines. The hereditary tenure agreement from that time has now been passed on to the 17th family generation.

Integration into the existing structure

Behind the restaurant and guest house ‘Gasthof zum Sternen’, fine wines are created in the confined space of a newly renovated wine press building. A vehicle loaded with 10 grape bins full to the brim is driven through the large access door. Now the GIS crane system lifts and gently transports the chromium steel containers to their destination one by one. The so-called destemming is carried out directly here in the grape reception room. If the whole grapes are to be pressed, the load weighing up to 750 kg has to be lifted up to the open platform on the first floor. In either case the contents of the bulky container have to be tipped into a funnel.

Sophisticated approach

‘From vine to glass’ is the central theme of this wine-growing estate which processes grapes from 28 hectares of vineyards. The aim is to press the grapes as gently as possible, without pumps, using gravity. The grape juice then matures into great wines with different characters in the three cellars. Thanks to optimum integration into the building, the small crane system provides access to the ground floor as well as to the first floor to allow implementation of this concept. All functions are radio-controlled. Two-stage electric drives with soft start execute all movements with the highest precision. The reliable helper is not only used during harvest time but all year round. Bottles ready for dispatch, for example, are quickly and gently loaded onto the trucks.

Author: Arthur Kemény, CH-5363 Weggis


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Thanks to the high-built electric chain hoist, the available room height is optimally used
A plastic container is gently lifted by the GIS electric chain hoist and transported from the ground floor to the stage on the ground floor.
All travel movements of the crane can be controlled by radio control

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